Sofa / Loveseat Cover beige (Large)


    • Protection : The cover protects against sun exposure, rain, dust and scratches. It also prevents stains, keeps the aesthetic safe and prolongs the durability of the furniture.
    • Easy installation : Easily goes on and off the furniture. It has a thick elastic base to better envelop and completely protect the furniture.
    • Dimensions : 76″ x 32.5″ x 25″/33″ (height front/back)

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Product Description

Keep your outdoor sofas and loveseats in great condition, this cover comes with reinforced air-vents to prevent ballooning, two handles in front and back respectively for easy removal, an adjustable elastic hem-cord at the bottom and many straps to keep it in place during high winds.

Additional information

Weight2.85 kg
Dimensions29 × 36 × 9 cm


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