Folding Tent Trailer Camper Cover (16-18 Feet) Grey

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CONSTRUCTED WITH POLYPROPYLENE FABRIC: This high end quality cover will protect your tent trailer from harshest weather condition and other elements. Polypropylene construction offers great weather resistant protection yet breathes to prevent condensation and mildew. It’s lightweight, water-repellant, breathable and mold-proof.

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Product Description

BREATHABLE VENTILATION: Made with a breathable design that will reduce heat, release moisture to protect your RV from mold and mildew. An integrated air vent system combined with quick drying that reduce wind stress and vent inside moisture.

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY STORAGE: Made with a very light material that’s easy to put on and remove. Very light and easy to store, you I can easily roll it up and store it when unused. It comes with a free expandable storage bag.

GUARANTEED: Toiles VR packs versatility, innovation and power into a single bench top necessity. We offer individual replacements as well as complete sets storage covers for RV, 5th Wheel, RV Travel Trailer, Bicycle, Motorcycle, Boat, ATV, Snowmobile, and Golf Cart to maintain or enhance your vehicle’s appearance. Whether you’re doing basic repairs and maintenance, modifying your car’s street appeal and performance, our great selection of products and knowledgeable associates will ensure success with all your automotive projects.

What is the best material to cover your rig?

Fortunately, you have spotted the best Tent Travel Trailer cover! It’s no longer difficult for you as Toiles VR Tent Travel Trailer Covers provides you with an impressive designed and maximum weather protection.

Toiles VR Tent Travel Trailer Covers will protect one of your most vital investments. It also utilizes a heavy-duty polypropylene fabric for maximum protection.

Versatile and Maximum Level of Protection

There are more variations of our product in terms of size so it will be easy finding one, which perfectly suits your vehicle is possible. Our Tent Trailer Cover is very versatile as it works well on various conditions, including moderate climates and extreme moisture.

It is made of high quality materials that will help keep the UV light off of your vehicle to help preserve all parts and paint. By investing in Toiles VR RV COVERS, you can prevent yourself from having to spend too much repairing any damages in your Folding Camp.

Durable and Reliable Quality

An added feature integrated into the Tent Travel Cover is the top panel known for having triple layers. It also comes with triple-layer designer polypropylene sides. It has an impressive cover that showcases a contemporary look, which is unique to the brand.

It is helpful in protecting your investment as it prevents it from aging prematurely while also maintaining its excellent resale value. It can maintain the cleanliness of your vehicle, thereby preventing the development of black streaks on the sides.

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Weight 4.5 kg
Dimensions 34 × 34 × 34 cm


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