Gutter-Spout for Sliding Extension


The Gutter-Spout replaces your existing RV gutter and gives a better finish to the shortened gutter extension. The Gutter-Spout only works with the gutter extension, it cannot be installed on the water-deflector.

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Your RV is an important part of your recreational life. It brings the comfort of your home with you on the road while you travel and live life to the fullest. Protecting your RV in many ways is the standard to keep it in good condition for as long as possible. One way to conserve its nice appearance is to make sure your RV is protected from dirt and grime build-up. This is where the Gutter Extension comes into play. It’s an ingenious technology that simply prevents water and moisture from running down the sides of your vehicle, which could potentially trap dirt that becomes stains and black spots. With this extension, you can reduce the number of times you have to wash. You save time, water, wax and many other ressources. It works in any weather conditions. This can really save you money and is the most useful purchase you can do.

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Dimensions31 × 31 × 9 cm


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